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Breaking up is never easy but for some couples the financial cost of ending the relationship can be just as stressful as the emotional cost. According to a study commissioned by the Debt Advisory Centre, nearly one in five people have remained in a romantic relationship because they cannot afford to leave. As reported by The Metro, that means a fifth of the UK population have stayed with their partner purely because of financial concerns.

Women more likely to stay in relationships

The study also found that women are more likely to stay in relationships due to financial pressures than men, with 20% of women staying with a partner due to money worries, compared to just 3% of men. Unsurprisingly, given the cost of living in the UK capital, the study found that London had the highest proportion of couples admitting that they had stayed together for financial reasons. More than a third (36%) of those surveyed in London said that they’d remained in a past relationship because the cost of leaving was just too high. Accommodation is a big factor in people’s decision making, as well as no longer being able to split bills and any financial support your partner provides disappearing (unless you have children and the non-primary carer is legally required to make maintenance payments).

Couples can’t afford to run two households

As one user posted on parenting website Mumsnet: “We’ve had ‘the conversation’ and nobody is under any illusions in my house. We literally can’t afford to run two households and that is the ugly truth.” Staying in an unhappy relationship can have a detrimental effect on your health and mood, while the stakes are even higher if the relationship is abusive. This is on top of the fact that financial trouble can put a serious strain on your mental health and well-being. Money stress: 7 tips to help improve your mental health

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