Case Studies Jennifer Age 30 from Halifax

Money Advisor is rated Excellent

Jennifer Age 30 from Halifax

7 Creditors

  • Halifax Credit Card: £1110.00
  • Barclaycard: £4163.00
  • HSBC: £4862.00
  • +4 Other Creditors

Total Debt: £10,966

Monthly Payment before IVA: £300

Monthly Payment after IVA: £100

Lives in a rented accommodation with partner who is unaware of the situation.

With a lack of self-confidence and being over committed, 30-year-old Jennifer spiralled into debt when she started to excessively spend and had no control over her expenses and credit cards.

‘I was soon unable to keep up with payments and did not know how to respond to people constantly approaching me, phoning me, posting letters through my door whilst keeping this situation away from my partner. Having a young child also added to this situation which then made me reach out for help knowing that soon I may not be able to look after them properly due to the state I was in.’

Jennifer’s debt had risen to £10,966.00 and had absolutely no idea on how to manage it all. Jennifer then met Money Advisor who she contacted to receive some guidance on how to manage all her debts.

‘After encountering Money Advisor, I realised that my debts could be managed and I would receive help from great people. Finally receiving help, I never realised how much it would benefit me and allow me to eventually have a good night’s rest.’

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