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Who are BrightHouse?

Brighthouse is one of the leading retailers in electronics, home appliances, furniture and other related products in United Kingdom (UK). The national chain owns over 270 stores that stock a number of major brands including Samsung, Sony, Acer, Philips, LG, Nintendo and Whirlpool.

When kind of loans does BrightHouse provide?

Everything on BrightHouse is available for purchase on credit. Here’s how their finance options work:

  • Pay weekly stores: These stores allow customers to buy goods and then pay for them in the form of weekly installments spread over a set period of time. This model is popular because not a lot of customers can afford to pay upfront. BrightHouse charges fixed interest (between 69.9% and 99.9% APR) on these weekly instalments.
  • Higher purchase agreements: These agreements allow clients to purchase products on credit through monthly or weekly payment options. This breaks down the cost into manageable chunks spread over an agreed timeframe.

How can I write-off my loan with BrightHouse?  

If you have an unpaid loan with BrightHouse, you need to proactively take charge of your situation, get in touch with a debt expert and formulate a repayment plan that is suitable for you. Visit to see which debt solution works best for you.

BrightHouse Redress?

Contact details for BrightHouse

Postal address:

BrightHouse Customer Relations

5 Hercules Way

Leavesden Park


WD25 7GS  

Contact Number:

Credit application service: 0800 525 226

General queries: 0800536069